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Our company

Tectareal Solutions
your holistic property planning firm

We love real estate – which is why we offer a full range of technical services, even without a property management brief. What makes us so different? At Tectareal Solutions, we have brought a range of specialist knowledge together under one roof. Our architects, planners and engineers put all their property-planning expertise to work every day – with the aim of achieving the best possible result for you, the owner.

Our team

Giving it our all – the smart way

Our philosophy: Individuality combined with professionalism delivers the greatest added value.

Eight highly-qualified employees at three locations are committed to meeting all your property planning needs: tenant fit-outs, revitalisation, construction controlling or technical due diligence – our experts are there to help you every step of the way.

Our customers

It’s all in the mix

Diversity is one of our strengths – and that also applies to our customer portfolio. Our range of clients includes institutional funds, family offices, associations, federal and state authorities as well as private owner-occupiers.

What makes us so different?

We take a special approach to your engineering projects

At Tectareal Solutions, we always consider the entire life cycle of a property, even in our project business. Our services are tailored to each building’s use:

  • Hotels

  • Assisted living

  • Residential

  • Offices

  • Small shopping centres

  • Logistics

That’s how we make sure your property investments also contribute to value retention in the long term.

Your engineering office with roots in property management

Tectareal Solutions is an affiliate of Tectareal Property Management GmbH. These origins make us the only technical planning office to come straight out of property management.

Our architects, engineers and specialist planners know the property market – along with the requirements and expectations of an investor or asset manager – like the back of their hand. Because we believe that identifying long-term trends and making forecasts calls for a trained eye.

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Our services

Tectareal Solutions: your one-stop shop for technical expertise

Our engineers, architects and specialist planners provide 360-degree expertise every day – for construction in existing buildings, urban building planning and property maintenance, modernisation, renovation and revitalisation.

Our key services:


  • Analyses


  • Environmental and economic assessments


  • Commercial and technical risk analysis

General planning

  • Holistic point of contact for architects as well as civil engineering and building services engineering


  • One-stop shop for architect, specialist planner and specialist engineering services

Project management

  • Professional assurance
    o Scheduling
    o Costs
    o Quality
    o Project organisation


  • Construction controlling
    o Cost reliability
    o Scheduling reliability

Technical services

  • Integrated planning
  • Facility management (FM) tenders
  • FM consulting
  • Tenant fit-outs (coordinating general contractor)
  • Building project management
  • Technical due diligence (TDD)
  • Building services engineering due diligence for building construction
  • Renovation planning
  • Expert opinions (fire protection, drywall construction)
  • Revitalisation

Our specialisations

We take the optimisation of your property to the next level

Energy management by itself is not enough

At Tectareal Solutions, we also handle the energy optimisation of buildings – expertly and long-term.


Call on us for a full range of building-technology consultancy and planning services:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Air conditioning
  • Compressed air, steam and condensation technology as well as
  • Renewable energies.


We can advise you on whether a combined heat and power unit would be more cost-effective with battery storage than without, for example. Or ask us about energy consulting for residential construction, subsidies, calculating heating loads, heating design, calculating cooling loads, or designing a suitable ventilation concept, particularly in terms of COVID-19/DIN 1946-6.


State-of-the-art expertise at work

Whether you need a BIM or VR inspection of the system technology, Tectareal Solutions is a pioneer in the latest applications.

Operator responsibility

Our efficient controlling tool gives you legal certainty for your property. So you get a grasp on all the recurring legal obligations relating to your real estate.

Fire protection

Strict statutory regulations require professional fire protection, both from a construction and technical perspective. We can deliver everything you need – based on valid testing foundations.

Warranty management

We assert your claims against third parties: At planning level (phase 9 of the German fee structure for architects and engineers, or HOAI) and management level within the framework of project management services.

Drinking water ordinance

We manage the entire drinking water hygiene process for you – from drawing samples and conducting a hazard analysis through to implementing measures.

Our locations

We operate three locations across Germany:

Tectareal Solutions Hamburg GmbH

Kurze Mühren 20

D-20095 Hamburg

ph: +49 (0)40 88190-2848

mobile: +49 (0)172 859 4272

Email: roland.lass@tectareal.de

Tectareal Solutions Düsseldorf GmbH

Vogelsanger Weg 91

D-40470 Düsseldorf

ph: +49 (0)201 95888-903

Email: joachim.grabow@tectareal-solutions.de

Tectareal Solutions
Rhein-Neckar GmbH

Soldnerstrasse 13

D-68219 Mannheim

ph: +49 (0)621 436327-35

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